Kids at Sai Ashraya Orphanage – The Precious Gifts of God.

Who comes to SAI ASHRAYA?

Children those who are Unattended, Helpless, Unknown, Lost and Found, Children who have lost their parents, Children whom their parents have abandoned, Handicapped children, Sick children, Children with a single parent and with many more unfortunate reasons we have such kids with lost hopes and in depressed conditions coming to our SAI ASHRAYA ORPHANAGE.

What Happens when Children come to SAI ASHRAYA?

At Sai Ashraya such kids get love, affection and utmost care. Like they were born to receive the amount of love from their parents the same amount of love and care is rendered to all the children at Sai Ashraya. And with this support which they get at Sal Ashraya they forget their pains and troubles which they have gone through. We at Sai Ashraya give them a light of hope to start a new life filled with all the amenities which they would have received if staying with their family at their own homes. We at Sai Ashraya make all efforts to make the children feel at home. We make all the daily needs available for these kids and make sure all their basic needs are fulfilled which helps them to lead a satisfied life. By the Grace of Sai Baba we strive to give whatever possible to bring smiles on their faces. And in such a way these kids live their life happily and with one accord the get along with each other as one family and move towards a new day every morning.

What we do for the children at SAI ASHRAYA?

When such children come to us they belong to different caste or creed, are already in a disturbed state of mind, some are tortured physically or mentally and hence the first thing we do is to settle these children mentally and take care of any medical treatments if required. They are seeking for motherly and fatherly love also they are in need of brothers, sisters and friends to lead a health life in mind and body. We at Sai Ashraya treat all children equally and do not discriminate any one of them.

We strive to build self confidence and give them light a of hope by introducing them to other children and teach them to share and care and feel like they are at home. We serve them food twice which is given by Sai Baba Santhan, Shirdi. They get clothes and other daily requirements which helps them lead a smooth life filled with love and care. We also engage these kids in Bhajans and devotion of Shri Sai Baba so that their hearts and touched and they are blessed with all the riches of life. The teaching of “Sabka Malik Ek”, “Shraddha & Saburi” are given to them from the life of Shri Sai Baba.

We involve them in other activities like education, sports, karate, dance, music, computer education, handicraft, Yoga, Value Education to make them capable for their future and lead an independent life without blaming their fate. We also celebrate all the national festivals with these children and respect their religion. We help them enjoy all the major Indian festivals where they enjoy, have fun and also learn moral values of life.

We at Sai Ashraya strive to reach out to all the children with a simple message of love, utmost care, peace and happiness.All children staying at Sai Ashraya will definitely become doctors, engineers, self employed individuals however we aim to make them better human beings who will always be ready to help the needy and support less they will come across in their future. In this we will be satisfied and happy and that’s what we aim and our happiness lies in the same.