On behalf of Sabka Malik Ek Prathisthan, When We were working for Sai Ashraya Orphanage. It was during the festival of Diwali. My friend Vijay Appasaheb Kote called me that there was a handicapped boy who was 9 year old and someone has left him in the Mandir premises. He asked me whether Sai Ashraya will accept this child. I asked where is that boy and we found that the boy was taken to Sai Baba Hospital. When we saw him we was handicapped. He was not at all capable of taking care of himself and so no was ready to accept him. Infact his family had left him alone. It was the day of Deepawali and Shirdi was full with all the villagers and some important personalities like Nitin Kote, Sachin Tambe, Viju Kote, Mukund Gondkar and Manilal Patel all these people helped the boy with clothes and food. On completing all the formalities and documentation from the local police station we accepted this child in Sai Ashraya Orphanage. On the same day once upon a time Shri Sai Baba had lightened the lamps with water in the same way we showed this boy a new ray of hope to lead his life with all the facilities which a normal child deserves, Now he is staying here happily. That Diwali was a memorable one. After this on the birthday of Dr. Sujay Dada Vikhe path he was felicated and gifted with a wheelchair. We were thankful to Dr. Sujay Vikhe and Sai Prathisthan.