Om Sai Ram!

By the grace of Sai Baba and his blessings on us we could see and arrange the marriage of a saiashraya’s first girl named Jyoti (Najiya) On 24/11/2018.The girls have got the love, family and home of their own.The girls from Sai Ashraya are now happily married and the family of Sai Ashraya Miss them most of the time.
According to the message of Sai Baba, “Sabka Malik Ek”, due to these two daughters of Sai Ashraya, one Muslim Family and another Jain Marwadi Family is now connected with SaiAshraya for lifetime.Even if these girls got married and are now in different families, work of SaiAshraya is not ended, it will always be with them, doors and love of SaiAshraya is always open for them as a home for their every happy and sad days too.We will always welcome our daughters and their husbands on the occasions and festivals as per the rituals. We will give them everything which they deserve as a maternal family.

We always wish and pray to Sai Baba the happiness, prosperity, peace to our daughters and their families.
For this Wedding occasions, Sai Palkhi Nivara Trust, Nimgaon had made all the arrangements of the Hall and Food, we Thank them from bottom of our heart.Thank you very much Honourable Shri.Om Prakash Dadappa Koyate Saheb, Shri. Saibaba Institute’s Trustee Dr. Eknathrao Gondkar, Shri Rajendra Parjane, Shri. Raghunathrao Gondkar, Sau. Rajnitai Gondkar, Shri. Ajitji Parakh, Airport B. S.F.I Police, Shirdi and Shri.Satish Gayke, Shri. Bipin Kote, Shri. Chetan Kote ,Shri. Prakash Gondkar, Shri. Vikas Gondkar, Shri. Mehmudbhai Sayyed, Shri. Ashok Dalvi, Shri. Satish Vaijapurkar Saheb, Shri. Bipinji Jain, Shri. Ajayji Nagre Saheb, Shri. Anilji Gupta, Shri. Maheshbhai Verma, Shri. Pankaj Sanklecha, Shri. Tushar Modi, Shri. Nilesh Sanklecha, Shri. Sanjay Damle, Shri. Rajendra Wagh, Shri. Ulhasji Pandit, Shri. Pappu Pandit Saheb, Shri. Shivram Nikam, Shri. Amun Mamun Pathan, Shri. Saleem Shaikh, Shri. Ganesh Gaikwad, Shri. Rajendra Fund,Shri. Chetan Gavli, Shri. Chetan Aghade,Shri. Shiva Rajgire, Shri. Sangam Borkhade, Shri. Kishor Patni,Shri. Sanjay Patani,All these Hounourable guests were present on the occasion to shower the blessings on our daughters and their families.All the people of the SaiAshraya family felicitated and thanked them very much. ! Om Sairam!