One fine day a woman along with her child visited Sai Ashraya Ashram. She was very afraid and was alone and seeking for support. She told her story and was in deep pain. She said she was coming from Nagpur and she had no one without her son and I am always sick. There is nothing sure about my life and I have no one to take care of us and we our leading our life by staying on the streets. Even after all this many times people tried to rob away my son. And so I am always bothered of this child. Can take this child and give him a roof to stay? This was her
plea. At the same time we decided to keep the child in Sai Ashraya Ashram and take care of him, educate him and make him an independent person was the only aim for us. At that time she hid her sickness from us but when we had a regular blood checkup for all the children we got to know to know that this boy was suffering from HIV. And we came to a conclusion that his mother was suffering from the same disease and so she was adamant on leaving her son her so that someone will take care of him. She might have thought if she had disclosed that he is suffering from HIV we would has denied to accept him. But those who are denied by everyone Sai Ashraya has always accepted them and will accept them in the future as well. And now this boy is leading his life happily with us now. A proper treatment at Loni govt. hospital is being done for this boy.