There was a mentally retarded girl child which we came across at Shri Sai Baba Hospital. It was the day of Guru Paurnima on 19/07/2016 when we got the news over the phone from Tushar Shelke. At the same time we approached the hospital and the Doctors advised that from last 6 months this child is leading her life by begging on the streets of Shirdi and the mandir premises.There is no one to take care of her. So could you please accept her and take her to your orphanage. At that time Vijay Kote, Shraddha Kote and also Sachin Tambe, Mukund Gondkar and many citizens of Shirdi were also present at the instance. All these people provided food and clothing to the child. After that on Guru Paurnuma we brought this gil to Sal Ashraya Orphanage. Here she got a shelter which is her right. Now she is leading her life happily.All by the grace and the blessings of Shri Sai Baba her brain has developed a lot and she is getting normal day by day. It is really a miracle to see her coping up like other normal children.