One fine day a handicapped and support less man with his 3 children came to Sai Ashraya. He told his dreadful story to us. He said he had lost his wife 4 years back and due to an accident I am handicaaped now. I don’t even have a house to stay and I and my children sleep on the streets and beg for food to lead our livelihood. He pleaded and requested to accept his children in our orphanage and help them leading their life. Looking at their condition we took them in our Sai Ashraya Orphanage and after a year that man passed away. We thought that he knew his destiny and Shri Saibaba leaded him to Sai Ashraya for his children to at least lead a normal life with food shelter and clothing. The children have now got a life which they deserve. In such a way we are working through the inspirations of Shri Sai Baba. And we are being blessed by him. We pray that all the children in Sai Ashraya lead a fruitful life and a satisfied lifestyle.