Your Help Can Change Someone’s Life !!!


  • Birthday Celebration and other Family Functions at Sai Ashraya Orhanage (You can donate One Day Food and Gifts)
    • Donate Lunch — 6000/-
    • Donate Lunch & Dinner — 12,000/-
    • Donate (Milk & Biscuits)Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner — 15000/-
  • Parenting Plans (This Donation is used for Food, Clothing, Shelter, Care taking, Cleanliness, Education, Training(Karate, Yoga, Computers, Music, Dance, Value Education)).
    A. One Year Plan : Parent a child for a year at Sai Ashraya Orphanage — 21,000/-
    B. Six Months Plan : Parent a child for 6 months at Sai Ashraya Orphanage — 11,000/-
    C. Three Months Plan : Parent a child for 3 months at Sai Ashraya Orphanage — 5,551/-
    D. One month Plan : Parent a child for a month at Sai Ashraya Orphanage — 2,100/-
  • Volunteer support for Sai Ashraya Orphanage in the form of Educational equipment’s, Household things, Old Clothing, Food Grains can be collected and brought to the Orphanage.
  • For Sai Ashraya Orphange Construction you can also provide a financial help in the form of cash or cheque.
  • For the Kid in Sai Ashraya we do celebrate all the religious festivals and anniversaries of Saints and National Leaders. Your generous help is always welcomed at Sai Ashraya Orphanage.
  • You can always support the Education, Health and Hygiene of the children at Sai Ashraya Orphanage.

We all spend a lot of money on our loved one’s for birthdays, marraiges, and many more functions. Even we spend a lot on our leisures like movies, travel and picnics. Please be reminded that you one generous help will build a child’s life and in turn you will be blessed abundantly…


Account Details for your Generous Donation :

Bank Name : Bank Of India 
Branch : Shirdi 
Name on the Account : Sabka Malik Ek Prathisthan 
Account No . 066720110000127
IFSC Code : BKID0000667
Pan Card No. AANTS9914L